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Who, What, is Long Fu San Kung Fu ?

Longfusan Kung Fu


Longfusan Kung Fu,enables students from every walk of life to develop and shape more healthy bodies, to develop harmony between the body and mind, to learn a martial art system for self-defense, and to develop and maintain a positive self-image.

The Team

Sifu Art Cason, the lead instructor for Longfusan Kung Fu, has studied martial arts since 1974 through both civilian and military training, including:

* Six years in the U.S. Army (Airborne, Air Assault) as a Squad Leader who was responsible for training both civilian and native military in areas such as Nicaragua, Panama, & Granada;
o Certified Jungle Expert;
o Certified Escape/Evasion Expert
o Certified Military Trainer/Light and Heavy Weapons Specialist
* Three years study of Hapkido in the military;
* Six years study of Shiong Deh Shotokan Karate as a civilian resulting in a black belt.
* Continuous study of Tae Kwon Do as a civilian, currently a 3rd degree black belt.
* Continuous study of Kung Fu as a civilian, head Kung Fu instructor, 4th Degree.

* Eleven years study of Chinese Energy Boxing resulting in a 4th-degree black sash, including:
o Fukien White Crane Kung Fu
o Kong_Sao Gong-Ka
o Wing Chun Kung Fu
o Tai Chi
o Chin Na
o Ba Gua
o Hsing-I
o Jeet Kune Do
o Pai Lum Kung Fu
o Walu
o YiQuan
o Kempo
o Weapons
* Chinese broadsword (dao)
* Chinese straight sword (jian)
* Staff or bo
* Nunchucks
* Sai
* Butterfly knives
* Arnis/Escrima

* Fourteen years as a law enforcement officer including:
o Deputy
o Chief Deputy
o Coroner
o Police Officer
o Assistant Chief of Police
o Investigator
o Narcotics Officer
o Undercover Narcotics
o K-9 Handler

o SWAT Team Leader
o Chief of Police
o Training in the following areas:
* State Certified Training Officer
* Impact Weapons Instructor (straight and side handle batons, collapsible batons, etc.)
* Chemical Weapons Instructor (MACE, pepper spray, etc.)
* High Risk/Dynamic Entries Expert
* State Certified Investigator
* Fingerprinting Expert
* SWAT & SRT Instructor

The Curriculum

Underlying Principles

Kung Fu is a martial art that enables students of all ages and abilities to improve their physical health and mental well being. Training is individualized to the person because each has a different body type, different physical abilities, and different training goals. The training program promotes self-discipline, self-confidence and overall character development, including the development of a positive self-image. Exercises increase cardiovascular health, relieve tension and strengthen the body. Kung Fu or more correctly Chinese Energy Boxing skills do not deteriorate with age. Many Kung Fu artists are formidable well into the eighties. Chinese Energy Boxing principles are based on the development of internal energy and do not rely on mere muscle, strength and speed. Internal energy may be developed and used effectively throughout one's life.

Methods of Instruction

* Lesson plans are developed for each session by the Instructor or Sifu,
* Students are evaluated with strengths and areas of improvement being identified,
* Each student is given exercises or practice assignments based upon his/her needs,
* Requirements for moving from each rank to the next succeeding rank are provided in writing to the students,
* Rank tests are held when the Sifu determines that students are ready to advance,
* A written list of all significant information is provided at the appropriate time to the student,
* Physical practice and demonstration of the skills are implemented as determined by Sifu,
* Practice at home is essential for the student to develop to his/her full potential,
* Competition in tournaments is optional, but does allow the student to experience various forms of martial arts,
* Sparring is optional.
Tai Chi Curriculum

We offer two Traditional styles of Tai Chi Chuan. We have authentic lineage in both styles predating to the founder of each system with an unbroken line. We have contact and continuing education with these grandmasters through our organization, Chinese Boxing Institute International or CBII.
Our website is to be found at, we offer yearly seminars at various locations with different teachers affiliated with CBII and our styles.
We offer instruction in Chen and Yang Tai Chi. If the student so desires they can receive instruction strictly for health benefits or self-defense aspects as well.
Tai Chi offers instruction in the following ways:


Tai Chi is an excellent way to maintain health and is very helpful in rehabilitation of injuries and conditions to include high blood pressure, poor circulation, obesity, and others. The American Medical Association has done exciting research utilitizing Tai Chi as an alternative medical approach to several different problems. Of course this knowledge has been known in the Orient for a long time and is used for these purposes.
Tai Chi is the most widely practiced health exercise in the world with literally millions all over the world enjoying its many benefits. It is for every age no matter what physical condition an individual is in.
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