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* Kung Fu northwest Tennessee - southwest Kentucky *

Longfusan Chinese Martial Arts School

- KUNG FU - Tai Chi - Bagua

Pakua Bagua

Sifu Art Cason, Roy Douglas, & Cis Cason.
Phone 731-586-2664
36042 Broad Street, HWY 70 E, Bruceton, TN 38317 USA

Classes available in Murray - KY, Paris, and Bruceton - TN.

Kung Fu is a martial art that enables students of all ages and abilities to improve their physical health and mental well being. Training is individualized to the person because each has a different body type, different physical abilities, and different training goals.

The training program promotes self-discipline, self-confidence and overall character development, including the development of a positive self-image. Exercises increase cardiovascular health, relieve tension and strengthen the body. Kung Fu or more correctly Chinese Energy Boxing skills do not deteriorate with age. Many Kung Fu artists are formidable well into the eighties.
Chinese Energy Boxing principles are based on the development of internal energy and do not rely on mere muscle, strength and speed. Internal energy may be developed and used effectively throughout one’s life.